I wanted to do another Top Five comics. I already did the ones you liked and the ones I liked so today I thought I’d do the one’s I read.

To be fair there are two points I need to make first. I don’t read that many webcomics/comics. I just don’t have time. For example, I love Girl Genius, but it’s not on this list. I can’t keep up with it and I haven’t read it in more than a year. Most of what I read is short-arc or one-off comics. Second, I do read more than five webcomics. In keeping with the theme of Top 5 I’ll list out the top ones and then put some additional ones at the bottom.

So, in no particular order…

The Devil’s Panties – Jennie Breeden

I’m am so crushed over Jennie Breeden these days (please don’t tell her). This is a wonderful daily that you can drop in at almost any point. There are occasional arcs but they don’t last for very long so they’re easy to find the beginning of and jump in. I have a hard time describing it but it’s worth the look.

Yin + Yangster – Laura Yang

This is one the best single panel strips around. I often find myself with clenches fists, held skyward decrying, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The Tooth Ferry had me cursing under my breath.

Stand Still Stay Silent – Minna Sundberg

Damn this is a beautiful webcomic. The artist, who lives in Finland, has created a great story with some of the most beautiful art I’ve ever seen in a comic. Hang on in the beginning, as she has a bit of house cleaning to do as she destroys the world. The main story is 90 years after that, so be patient. It’s worth the wait.

Wumo – Wulff & Morgenthaler

The creators of Wumo have a camera hooked up in my work area, or in my brain. I’m not sure which. Maybe the latter. I am often heard on Sundays crying out loudly “Wumo!” when I see another strip that I had a similar idea for. It’s my favorite syndicated single panel gag strip right now.

FoxTrot – Bill Amend

So It’s not #1 or #5 on my list. It is however really important to me. It was the first strip I read where you could laugh at pop culture and geek references. The link only gives you Sundays but I’m ok with that because I’ve got a hefty collection of the books.

So I didn’t mention your webcomic did I? Sorry. I’m old and my sense of humor is weird. You can head over to the links page to see more comics but here are a few that fell just outside of the Top 5.

Conspiracy of Birds, Rhymes with Orange, Pearls Before Swine, Zen Pencils, The King of Slackers, and Flatt Bear. There are frankly too many to reasonably list.

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