I hope you’ll read to the end of this. There’s some bad news and some good news, but overall I think it’s positive.

So the comic you know of as Mythdirection is now gone. After some soul-searching I realized it had become a chore. It wasn’t fun to do anymore and the comic never found it’s audience. That’s okay. I think it’s far better to know when it’s time to quit than to keep going with something because you feel like you have to.

That’s all of the bad news. In the good news department I’m just shifting creative outlets (again).I’m reading a lot more. It’s been years since I’ve had to urge to read this much. It’s helping me find fresh ideas and try new things. Right now, I feel like I’m being called to do some longer format comics like a short story or a multi-panel strip. I need to ruminate on that for a while though because I have some skill limitations I need to overcome before I’ll be happy to show them on a regular basis. I think I’ll be putting up some of the experimental stuff on Patreon but that won’t be for a while (You can follow me there without spending any money).

As part of this break I’ll be focusing all of my creative energy on NaNoWriMo in November. It’s been six years since I’ve done one and I feel like I need to do one again. I’m not sure how I’ll share it as it progresses, so if you have ideas let me know.

Not so bad huh? I don’t think it is either. I look forward to seeing those of you who join me on this journey but I know not everyone will, and that’s okay too.





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