There are a lot of great comics and resources out there for comics. I encourage you to check out these sites and support the creators.

Comics You Might Like

Chainsawsuit – A webcomic by Kris Straub. Kris is also one-half of the podcast, 28 Plays Later.

Things In Squares – A webcomic that is probably off it’s medication.

Extra Fabulous Comics – Most assuredly stole Things in Squares medications.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal – Science! Ruining everything since 1543.

Conspiracy of Birds – I love Trevor’s style on this strip. I think you will too.

Rhymes With Orange – It doesn’t, but it’s still funny.

The Oatmeal – If you don’t know about Matthew Inman, then you’ve been living under a rock, or your kitten exploded recently.

The Argyle Sweater – Some day I will sneak into Scott Hilburn’s house. I will take his brain, place it in a jar next to my bed and make it write for me. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Non-Sequitur – One of my early inspirations for writing comics, along with The Far Side.

Lunarbaboon – It’s a little further down this list because it scares me. It’s like looking into a mirror some days.

Foxtrot – Seriously. It’s Foxtrot.

The Devil’s Panties – A little comic I love.

Zen Pencils – No jokes this time. Just go see some amazing and inspirational work. The only comic that has ever brought me tears.

Rock Paper Cynic – Another great, gag-a-day comic.

The Webcomic Factory -Worth the time. They’ve got something for everyone. They also make Super Frat. Check it out!


Comic Resources

The Webcomic Alliance – A great resource of anyone wanting to start down this scary path. They’ve got a podcast too.

Digital Strips – A nice little podcast about odd stuff and webcomics. Worth the listen.

This is how I add color to all of my comics.