There’s a large gap between Thursday’s comic and Tuesday’s comic the following week. It’s basically five days until the next one is out there. I’ve been working to fix this issue but two issues came up that kept me in a perpetual state of running behind on the comic.

My car of 19 years finally died and while trying to figure out how to get to work each day and look for a new car, it ate up all my free time. I also had a long-promised Kickstarter video I was producing for someone. The car issue and the video are now out of the way so it’s time to move forward.

On Monday August 31st, Mythdirection will be updating three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). That will make me feel a bit better about the project and put more funnies on your screen each week.

I’ll also be launching a Patreon page shortly thereafter with some special, subscriber-only comics. More details next week about that.

For now though, get ready for more comics and be sure to tell your friends. We all need to laugh a little more.


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