Hey friends it’s finally here…the first Mythdirection book!

It’s 49 of the best comics from the last two-and-a-half years. It also has two comics that were only seen on Patreon by supporters. If you count the cover gag that’s 50 comics (okay fine 49 comics).

If you’re new to reading the strip, it’s a single-panel strip I publish three times a week.

This journey has taken over two years, a big stack of bristol, and the lives of several ink pens. I hope you enjoy the book.

There are softcover versions (signed and unsigned) and an ebook.

♦ Amazon Print Edition: $12.99 ♦

 ♦ Kindle Edition: $1.99 ♦

If you get the book from Amazon, please consider leaving a review. This will help me get the word out about it. 

Also, I’ve got T-shirts online over on Teepublic!

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