Hey friends it’s finally here…the first Mythdirection book!

It’s 47 of the best comics from the last two-and-a-half years. It also has two comics that were only seen on Patreon by supporters. If you count the cover gag that’s 50 comics (okay fine 49 comics).

This journey has taken over two years and I hope you enjoy the book.

There are two versions. There’s an ebook and a softcover version. The physical books are available now. The ebook is available for pre-order and will be sent out on November 19th (it’s updating from Dec 1 in the system right now).

I will have copies of the softcover version available at two upcoming events, both held by Boulder County Independent Authors.

December 9th: BCIA Book Fair – Ozo Coffee (1015 Pearl Street, Boulder)

December 16th: BCIA Book Fair – Ozo Coffee (1232-A S. Hover Road #400, Longmont)

I will be at the book fair on the 16th in Longmont from Noon to 2pm if you want personalized copies.

If you get the book from Amazon, please consider leaving a review. This will help me get the word out about it. 

Print Edition: $14.99        Kindle Edition: $3.99