In one month this comic will be a year old. So I thought I would take a quick look back at one aspect of it.

I like to watch the little numbers add up when it comes to views, and see which comics are the most popular. I won’t bore you with the algorithm I but but here are top five comics so far, based solely on places I intentionally placed the comic (more on that in a second). Click on any comic to see the embiggened original.

Dick Picks

#5 – Dick Pics – This one rattled around on my list of comics to do for a while. It was really intended to be a multi-panel comic but I try to avoid those if at all possible



#4 The Littlest Iceberg – This started off as an offhand comment about the littlest ice pack in our house. So it grew from there and was Pixar-Disney-Dreamworks-ified.

Into Sspace

#3 Into Space – I had this joke in my notes for a long time. In the original it was an astronaut looking out the window and someone yelling at him to stop starting off into space. I think this one works better.

Dark and Edgy

#2 Dark and Edgy – I have no idea why this one was as popular as it was. It was a slow day and nothing seemed funny. I figured the comic needed to be darker and edgier to get more viewers. I guess it worked.


#1 Canary Problems – I watched this one keep growing in views and I still can’t explain it. It’s another one from the notes and the original was really complicated as it involved miners and a busload of canaries coming in as scabs during a strike. I just guess it goes to show you that simpler is better.

Now if we took all sites into account the real #1 is this comic.


It was cross-posted by someone to ICanHazCheezburger and 9Gag, and it’s the only viral hit I’ve had. A couple of others went to those sites, but never had the tenacity to hang on to real numbers. It’s actually tied for #6 with Artisanal Gravel so it was pretty good on its on.

(NOTE: If you want to see my favorites, I posted those a week later).



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