I’m counting down to the end of June when the comic turns 1 year old.

Last week I showed of the top five comics that people out there in the real world liked. Today I’d like to share my top five. Like last time, click on the comic to go to the full-sized original.


#5 I had a Little Trouble With the Scissors

This is still, if you think too much about it, one of the darkest ones I had done. It was for a theme week for Halloween. I wasn’t sure it was okay to use Charlie Brown in his ghost costume or not but it looks like fair use to me. Add to that him being dead, still a kid, and complaining about mental health makes it really dark. Seriously, don’t think about this one too hard.

Ghost Regrets

#4 Howl at the Moon

I wrote two of these. The first was “Why is Mommy So Bitey? – A Child’s Guide to Vampirism” but the werewolf book won out in the end. I also like the way the book turned out. I try to keep adapting and updating style on the strip. I think if you go back to the very beginning it’s all readily apparent.


#3 Psychic Surprise

Damn, I love this one. I still makes me laugh. The imagery of the classic crystal-ball-reading psychic being surprised by the boxing glove in a box just works for me. I wish I could write more like this one.


#2 Use Only As Directed

Fresh out of ideas for the new year, this comic was what gave me the kick to drive on into 2016. I actually had to stop writing it because the file size was getting out of hand. I would have listed more warnings and more comics to read. I do recommend reading the big version all the way through.


#1 Steamed

This is the dumbest damn comic. I get the giggles picturing someone tacking all these steampunk items to produce (that’s why the cucumber has no second eye). Mostly I made this for my friends who do steampunk stuff. This version is much funnier that the original, which was two vegetables mad at some vegan sign. Trust me this is funnier.



Well that’s it. I’ll have a little announcement for next week so keep your eyes peeled. No wait, that’s gross. Please don’t peel your eyes.

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